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The Top 3 Benefits of Hiring An Experienced Digital Marketing Team For Your Startup

Let’s be honest. It’s a tough time when you’re starting your own business.

There are so many things to do, with so little time. Most startup founders are focused on running their business operations, and most of the time, their schedule is divided on product development or trying to get funding and investors onboard for a variety of reasons. Aside from administration and operations, marketing is just one of the many roles that founders need to do.

To make things easier most would go the easy route which is to “hack” marketing and growth.

The “Hack” Culture and Why It Won’t Work All The Time

Unfortunately, we now live in a period of instant gratification on which “shortcuts” or “hacks” are now commonplace for organizations, especially with aspiring startup founders. There’s this short cut mentality that prevails in every area of our lives now.

There’s a life hack, productivity hack, vacation hack, love hacks, health hacks, and growth hacks (yes I said it….) Yes. Growth Hacking though effective with some startups, should not be the first step. Premature growth will sometimes lead to more problems.

However, no matter how many hacks and shortcuts that are available, there’s really no quick hacks (or silver bullets) that can replace a very good strategic marketing foundation and implementation.

Over the last 10 years of working with startups across the globe, and in different industries, the best owners that actually made their company into profitable ones( that is the goal for most) were the business owners who took the right steps to make the right foundation in setting up marketing for their company.

Whether the job was remote or in office, there was this consistent objective that improving online sales and increasing customer base was accomplished simply by getting a competent marketing team to forge ahead and lead the way.

Here are our Top 3 reasons why should seriously consider hiring your own virtual marketing team:

1. You Have Experienced Marketing Experts To Guide You

It’s similar to hiking or traveling to a new place, you need an experienced local guide to tell you what to do, where to go, what tools to use and which places to avoid.

With startup marketing, there are specific objectives and strategies that can be used and tested for every phase of your organization, whether its introduction, growth, maturity & stabilization, and decline. Each stage requires a different approach and knowing which is which helps in the long run.

A lot of the times, especially with all the “unicorn” startup hype we have now, everyone want’s growth, and they want it now, but then again, there is “churn”.

2. A Dedicated Marketing Strategy for Your Company. - Planning, Execution, and Reporting.

We hate cookie-cutter approaches to marketing. Contrary to what people may think or teach, there is no one size fits all digital marketing campaign that can be copy-pasted from one organization to the next.

Again, there is this “hack” mentality that shortcuts can be copied from one company, and can be implemented to the next.

It can happen, probably, but not with the same amount of success, and not into a repeatable sustainable process for the company. Customer growth is the product of good marketing done right, with the right product for the right market, validated customer behavior and validated product.

For example, if you’re targeting a male demographic for your product, and your freelance social media specialist recommends Pinterest, be wary and check the facts first. Not all social media networks work for every business.

And with regards to marketing reporting and metrics, unless you really know what you’re trying to do and measure, it is easy to get lost with all the jargon and technical words such as CPM, CPL, AOV, CPC, and ROAS. Most of these KPIs I mentioned are used in different digital marketing channels, in addition to other initials such as SEO, PPC, SEM, among others. You can try to learn all of this stuff, but again an expert simply comes in with the applied knowledge, expertise, and experience of having done it successfully in the past.

With solid experience and specialization comes precision performance.

3. Cost Efficient Marketing and Better ROI

Good marketing does not necessarily need to be expensive. Most marketing campaigns and spending is actually on the usage platforms and channels, not necessarily the labor. There is always this misconception that marketers and their budgets are the biggest cost centers of a business, and there’s a valid reason for that. The marketing coverage and targeting dictates how much the spending will actually be, there’s really no way out of that.

There’s this saying that goes like this” If you think expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”. It is simply too costly to start over again when mistakes happen.

I think with entrepreneurs and startup founders, there’s just too much at stake with the financials in making sure that every penny spent for their startup comes back a hundredfold or more.

Final Thoughts

My key point here in this lengthy article is this, I’ve talked with at least a hundred startup founders in the last 10 years - all wanting the same thing - easy online sales and fast growth without spending a dime. Or employing growth hacks and loops and whatever new saas to create viral growth.

Experienced Guide Provides Better Marketing Plan and Execution = Cost Efficient and Better ROI

An experienced digital marketing team can provide the best possible strategies and implementation in the long run. There are simply no short cuts to growth.

My analogy is this:

It’s like handing over the keys of your brand new sports car, with your kid in the back seat, and getting an inexperienced driver to bring your kid to school and that person just learned how to drive the other day. Why risk it?

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